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What is PhiShield?

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What is PhiShield?

If you follow security you’ve likely heard the word phishing. Phishing is one of the most effective attack methods that are out there today. It does not rely upon a technical problem, but rather, a behavior problem. Most users are unable to detect when they get a malicious email that’s attempting to either pilfer information from them or deliver a payload to them. These are known as phishing emails and you’ll typically find that they arrive looking as though they’re coming from your bank, or somebody that’s in your contact list. They’ll include a link that you’re being asked to click or an attachment that you’re being asked to open. These are very effective attacks. The FBI recently noted that $5 billion had been lost for the preceding three years, because of phishing attacks. If you are a CTO with a need for phishing prevention, this is for you.

At TruShield, our thought process on solving this problem is focused on awareness. The more aware that your user base is, the more they’re going to be able to thwart a potential attack from phishing scams. In support of this, TruShield developed a platform called Phishield. PhiShield is a software platform that enables any user to go in and configure campaigns that look extremely sophisticated and mimic actual real-world scenarios. These are scenarios that the bad guys are using to test user bases; they can see who’s susceptible to being phished or who’s going to click that link. Subsequently, if they do click that link, who’s going to actually give up their credentials?

These are very valuable testing scenarios. First off, you can identify those users at risk. Secondly, TruShield’s platform allows businesses to deliver directly targeted training to those users who, effectively, self-identify as those needing the training the most.

PhiShield training is very interactive and immersive. It allows the user to walk away from teachable moments with the right knowledge to go forward and not fall victim to the same attack in the future. PhiShield’s platform allows for our end users to configure as many of those campaigns as they’d like. For the organizations that subscribe to the platform, phishing affects their entire user base.

The PhiShield platform also allows for reporting and trending over time. With PhiShield, businesses can see how much better their users are getting at detecting the phishing attack throughout the course of that Security Awareness Training Program.

PhiShield is designed specifically to help businesses thwart the very effective phishing attacks that are coming into their networks every single day. If you’d like more information on PhiShield, click here.

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