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Log Management

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Log Management

Log Management

Network devices continuously generate extensive logs that show the events on a network. And while many native technologies generate logs, the analysis of the data provided can be clunky and difficult to integrate into any type of analytics tool for assessment. To be compliant with many industry and federal regulations, organizations are required to constantly review these logs to identify security risks. With complex combinations of hardware and software on today’s networks, staying ahead on the attackers and within compliance of relevant regulations can be time-consuming and expensive.

While most of our clients address these requirements through the fully TruShield-managed Continuous Security Monitoring service, some organizations simply need the technology platform to manage the millions of network event logs generated every hour. For these organizations, TruShield offers a stand-alone Log Management product.

TruShield’s Log Management solves the problem through a combination of hardware and software installed on your premises to collect, aggregate, monitor, and analyze logs from almost any technology of information asset. The system works around-the-clock to identify malicious activities and alert you in real time. TruShield provides the expertise and support to achieve operational capability with your existing staff, in your environment, in the shortest amount of time possible.

By deploying TruShield’s Log Management, you will meet your compliance requirements at the lowest cost possible, and your staff will be empowered with immediate, actionable information on security incidents happening on your network. Key features:

  • Log monitoring and collection
  • Event collection and analysis from across the organization
  • Surpass compliance requirements
  • Automated event monitoring and analysis 24x7x365
  • Online security portal


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