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Vulnerability Modeling

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TruShield’s Vulnerability Modeling transforms raw security data into a roadmap that allows you to be a proactive manager in your cyber security strategic plan. Vulnerability Modeling grants preparation for a possible attack, the ability to manage vulnerability risks, and for an organization to have a real-time situational awareness of the cyber threat landscape. TruShield places vulnerabilities in the context of overall network security by modeling how they connect via attack graphs. Through this unique new capability, you can determine the best sets of protective measures that should be applied in your system environment.

Gaining an understanding of your network lets us understand the chances of any found vulnerability being exploited. Many competitors scan without knowing specifics of an organization’s network security, which can create an inaccurate plan for addressing threats. We focus on the most serious issues first, using environment-specific intelligence regarding architectures and existing controls.

TruShield uses a proprietary Vulnerability Modeling algorithm to see how found vulnerabilities relate to your network security. First, we conduct a vulnerability assessment scan. Then we integrate environmental factors, firewall configuration, log data, key data, and topological information into the findings. Finally, we simulate an attack using weaknesses in the design of your network resulting in a graphical prediction of attach. As more data is collected from your network and fed into the system, the modeling capability continues to improve.


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