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Vulnerability Assessment

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Cybercrime is the SECOND most reported crime globally.

TruShield’s Vulnerability Assessment uncovers weaknesses and identifies critical flaws in your network that an attacker could exploit. We assess the security of your network and systems using a multi-phase process that combines commercial and publicly available tools, custom scripts, and applications we have developed. Our testing may examine your firewalls, infrastructure devices, intrusion detection systems, desktops, servers, email systems, and VPN systems.

Vulnerability Assessment Methodology
To assess the vulnerability of your network,
we use a combination of automated and manual testing. Automated tools cut down on the time and costs of assessment while manual techniques provide more in depth information about your network. We also manually validate the findings, reducing false positives that result in wasted effort and false negatives that expose your organization to intrusion.

We take the following steps:

  • Identify open ports on servers that could be exploited to attack your network
  • Identify servers running services that are not needed for specific business purposes
  • Identify website applications that could be attacked to compromise your network
  • Identify misconfigurations that could lead to compromise¬†
  • Review the overall risk profile of a system
  • Identify the areas of highest risk
  • Report recommendations designed to minimize the risks

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