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Penetration Testing

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Last year, 60% of all targeted attacks struck small and medium-sized organizations. The investment in cyber security is worth it.

With TruShield’s Penetration Testing services, we identify the key ‘high value’ information contained in your network and align it with your network layout to determine where the highest levels of risk exist inside your network. Knowing what information in your network is vulnerable to being attacked is the first step to increasing protection.

TruShield works across several industries and regulatory agencies like GLBA, NCUA, FFIEC, HIPAA, SOX and PCI which require companies to perform independent penetration testing. The only safe way to know what an attacker is truly able to exploit is to have an independent, talented, and technically relevant team perform your network penetration test.


TruShield Penetration Testing Methodology



Our comprehensive Penetration Testing Methodology exploits vulnerabilities and vectors of attack that hackers will use to access your system. Our experts work to innocuously infiltrate your system from a variety of angles both internally and externally, highlighting your organization’s most critical risks. Our experienced security engineers use a comprehensive suite of hacking tools to examine your network.

The result of these activities is a report that shows the vulnerabilities that we were able to exploit and includes specific instructions on closing any security gaps in your network. Additionally, our talented team of security professionals are available to assist with reviewing the report and providing a ‘security roadmap’ detailing both a cost and priority based approach to network remediation.


Testing Approaches

  • Manual Vulnerability Testing and Verification 
  • Firewall and ACL Testing 
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System Testing 
  • Password Aging and Strength Testing 
  • External Network Scan for Known Trojan/Hacker Ports 
  • Internal Network Scan for Known Trojan/Hacker Ports 
  • Remediation Retesting to ensure implementation of recommended controls
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Physical Security
  • Manual Configuration Weakness Testing and Verification 
  • User Rights Testing 
  • Network Equipment Security Controls Testing 
  • Database Security Controls Testing
  • Application Testing
  • Application Development Testing



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