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Compromise Assessment

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Did You Know…

It takes an average of 210 days to detect a security breach?

93% of our new clients are already breached!

Find out if your system is compromised with TruShield’s Compromise Assessment.


With our unique Compromise Assessment Methodology, TruShield will evaluate your system to determine if any breaches have been made, and how much of your system has been compromised. Using our cyber security experience gained from years of experience across multiple industries, coupled with our Global Threat Intelligence on how malicious actors operate, we will:

Provide you with a complete analysis of your entire system

Show the locations where your systems are compromised

Give recommendations on how to mitigate the threat

Compromise Assessment




Key Features of TruShield’s Compromise Assessment:

  • Rapid, agentless endpoint scans to quickly collect data for IOC analysis.
  • Advanced enterprise-wide analysis of all running processes to identify malicious processes running in the environment.
  • Network traffic analysis to quickly detect outgoing data exfiltration or malware beaconing.
  • Industry-specific threat analysis detailing the most commonly seen threats impacting organizations like yours.
  • Anomaly-based, signature-less malware detection based on historical log data.
  • Inspection of Executables, DLLs, drivers and services to identify deeply hidden indicators of compromise.
  • Rapid analysis of registry keys and executables across all assets on the network.

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