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Forensic Analysis

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TruShield can assist an organization in all facets of computer evidence extraction, preservation, and presentation while reducing costs and ensuring that evidence does not become tainted.

Our certified forensic experts have the ability to probe deep into any system to use the active and remnant data as well as system generated information, such as log files and registry entries, to roll back time and paint a coherent picture of how the system was used yesterday, last week, last month, or last year.

TruShield’s Forensic Analysis staff performs a structured investigation, while maintaining a documented chain of evidence, to discover what events occurred on a computing device and who was the responsible party. Investigators begin by isolating the device in question to prevent or reduce contamination. Then our skilled IT investigators follow an established set of procedures to copy the data and store it in a separate, secure facility to maintain its original condition. The copy is used to complete the investigation and complete a thorough Forensic Analysis, guaranteeing no changes or damage to your original data.


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