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Incident Response Management

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82% of Businesses surveyed said they would leave their financial institution if they were breached.

When cyber incidents happen, you have to be ready to respond quickly and appropriately. During the time it takes to stop a cyber attack, the damage to your finances and reputation increase exponentially.

From incident discovery to resolution, our Incident Response Management services rapidly contain and eradicate threats to your organization, minimizing the impact and the duration of a security breach. Our experts have the knowledge and real-world experience to respond quickly and efficiently to contain the attack, and fix the problem which allowed the breach to occur and to prevent it from happening again.

To our most risk-averse clients, we even offer on-demand 24/7 response services which can have an expert on the case whenever you have an emergency.

Incident Response Management

After an event has been detected and its root cause is determined to be of human origins, organizations may find themselves ill-equipped to respond appropriately. In such cases, TruShield can assist by providing an experienced Incident Coordinator to manage the response process. The coordinator will assemble a team of applicable parties who can accurately assess the incident.

TruShield’s Incident Response team will investigate to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the incident. Depending on the nature of the identified incident, various forensic tools, containment environments, and/or law enforcement consultation may be required. The incident response team will provide guidance to make timely decisions on the appropriate course of action.

Forensic Analysis

Malware Reverse Engineering


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