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Multi-Factor Authentication

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) products increase security protection of systems during the logon phase of accessing a device or application. Much of the information on your system is accessible after a user has entered their username and password, but these can be guessed or easily discovered.

Our Multi-Factor Authentication goes a step further, requiring a unique password to access your VPN, Applications, and other systems. Only your users have access to the application that generated the security codes required to validate their identity. This requires a user to present at least two of the standard authentication factors:

  • Knowledge based: password, PIN, challenge/response, etc.
  • Possession based: tokens, smartcards, magnetic stripe cards, etc.
  • Biometrics based: fingerprint, palm, retina/iris scans, facial recognition, etc.

Codes can be generated using a variety of methods:

  • Soft tokens
  • Cards
  • Desktop Applications

Each time you login to your website or any other system, an additional layer of security will be present in the form of a new security code.

The goal of Multi-Factor Authentication is to create a layered defense and make it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access a computer system or network. TruShield can supply the appropriate software and devices so your organization can implement Multi-Factor Authentication in a short time-frame. This can help your organization pass and maintain compliance requirements related to FFIEC, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and others.


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