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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

The Need for Security Information and Event Management

Organizations today are overburdened by a barrage of security threats and constantly evolving compliance regulations, all while dealing with dwindling budgets. It is necessary for companies today to audit the information that flows through their enterprise, in order to ensure that received threats are being managed, and compliance is being maintained.

The solution to these requirements is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), a tool that enables an organization to monitor and manage the information entering and leaving their network.


The Need for SIEM Management

Deploying and managing a SIEM is challenging, and to be done properly, it requires an expert staff, working 24/7/365. A SIEM needs to be configured correctly, which involves working with hundreds of correlation rules and alerts, and it also needs to be constantly monitored, maintained, and updated to make sure it is properly collecting logs and displaying incident alerts.

Furthermore, the security experts working on the SIEM need to be able to evaluate the alerts and analyze the reports in order to understand the security response implications for the organization.

To deploy and manage an effective SIEM solution in-house, you need a full-time staff working on this one solution. It can be a major drain on an organization’s already limited security resources.

TruShield’s Managed SIEM

TruShield offers a comprehensive SIEM Management solution. We can help your organization achieve an ROI for your SIEM solution by taking the management off of your hands, and alleviating the time necessary to deploy, configure, and maintain your own SIEM solution.

If you have already purchased a SIEM tool, we can work with it. We don’t require you purchase a specific tool through us, though we are happy to make recommendations and help you purchase the best one to fit your business. We are comfortable working with nearly every SIEM tool on the market, and have a proven track record with the following tools:

With our Managed SIEM program, TruShield will handle the installation and configuration of your SIEM tool (if necessary), as well as the continuous (24/7/365) monitoring of events captured by the SIEM. We will also provide real-time incident response for any alerts generated.

Let us help you get the most out of your SIEM solution.

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