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Press Release: TruShield CEO, Paul Caiazzo to Speak on Cybersecurity ...

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Press Release: TruShield CEO, Paul Caiazzo to Speak on Cybersecurity Challenges that Impact Financial Industry at the CTA Expo in Chicago

Dulles, VA (September 12, 2016): CEO of TruShield Security Solutions, Inc., Paul Caiazzo, will be speaking at the CTA Expo in Chicago on September 15, 2016. His session entitled, “Cyber Security and its Effect on Investors, Managers and Global Markets” will be held from 11:15 – 11:45 a.m.

Cybercrime is increasing every year, and just this May, the U.S. SEC specifically named it as the biggest risk to the financial system. With all of the media focus on cyberattacks, it can be difficult for any company or investor to feel that their investment portfolio is adequately secure. Caiazzo’s presentation will cover what cybersecurity issues are impacting Emerging Managers now, and what problems they can anticipate as cyberattacks become more sophisticated.

Caiazzo thinks that investors need to be more proactive in considering the security of their portfolios, “When making sound financial investments, you must consider every aspect and weigh every risk. Increasingly, the digital security of an investment is becoming a prominent factor to be concerned about.”

In addition to the TruShield CEO’s presentation, the TruShield team of experts will be at the Expo to showcase the latest innovations in data privacy and threat prevention. They will be available at the Conference Center to answer questions and help attendees to learn more about what cybersecurity solutions are best for them.

Learn more about cybersecurity by downloading TruShield’s Data Sheet and visit to learn more about the CTA Expo.


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