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Partner with TruShield instead of burdening yourself with manage security

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Partner with TruShield instead of burdening yourself with manage security

Many clients ask, why use Trushield over other security providers, or why should I use Trushield over an in-house solution? The main reason is Trushield’s security platform is truly customizable to your needs, no matter the size and scale of your company.

Client Support and Management Team

This is exemplified, first, through our client management team. Trushield provides a project manager, security analyst, and security engineer whom you will know on a first name basis and have direct contact with.

Complies with your system

Second, TruShield is vendor agnostic. This means that, regardless of whatever security tools you have, Trushield can work with your system.

Security Expertise

Third, our security personnel and expertise is second to none. With many security-specific Computer Emergency Readiness Teams, or CERTs, combined with decades of experience, Trushield is more than capable of tackling cyber problems of any business.

Many Options

Lastly, Trushield is the only partner of its kind who can offer network monitoring, professional services, PCI QSA, and security awareness. Trushield was made to be and truly is a one-stop shop for all of your security needs.

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