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Where did the CSM, Continuous Security Monitoring, platform originate?

Customers often ask us at TruShield about our origins and inspiration to create a continuous security monitoring platform. If you’re a CTO looking for the ins and outs of a CSM system for you to integrate into your business, this is for you.

When TruShield, a managed security service company, was founded, it was done with the goal of trying to bring high quality solutions to very complex cyber security problems. TruShield’s founder, Paul Caiazzo, has a background in Federal Government institutions and cyber security, as it pertains to the mission of the Federal Government.

What Paul Caiazzo realized in the course of providing those services, over the course of a decade, was that those same problems were present not just in the public sector, but within private businesses as well. Caiazzo came together with his business partner to form a company that brought together best of breed solutions for companies that were unable to purchase them directly. Because of the economy, these solutions were not achievable for an average or mid-sized organization. Additionally, a multitude of assessments surrounding penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and risk assessments were performed. The team discovered a variety of kind of commonalities between problems faced by businesses.

The commonalities revolved around the ability to detect malicious traffic inside someone’s network at any one point in time. We’re trying to bring together information from within the organization about what’s happening, then also balance it against what we know or can discover the bad guys are doing on the Internet at large. Getting the right level of support and monitoring, and actual operational maintenance of those tools is extremely challenging. Trying to do that on a 24/7 basis is practically impossible for the majority of organizations. The team’s thought was, “let’s put together a managed services platform that can solve the problem of 24/7 surveillance for organizations of pretty much any size.” Providing them with the information to know what to do to solve the problem and improve the risk posture of the organization as a result was key.

That’s the genesis of the continuous security monitoring platform, or CSM; that is TruShields’s flagship 24/7 security monitoring platform. TruShield deploys technology to a customer’s environment to close typical gaps that are found in most security stacks, and then layers that over with 24/7 monitoring, performed by a group of highly trained, highly experienced security professionals. These professionals have seen problems like what are in most organizations, across a wide variety of different types of organizations of all different sizes, all different industries, and around the world as well. That’s really where the continuous security monitoring is, and what TruShield does.

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