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How does TruShield curate the best security solutions for each ...

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How does TruShield curate the best security solutions for each individual client?

Many people know they need help with their security platform for their organization, but they are not sure of what steps to take, or what the correct services are. This is all solved by TruShield’s integrative sales process. Ultimately, TruShield’s process begins by gathering information during an introductory meeting. TruShield then prioritizes and works to solve very critical security problems faced by your company. When working with your business, TruShield intends to provide a core understanding of security, architecture, challenges, and how TruShield can help. There are a couple of ways that TruShield can do this:

MANAGED SECURITY SOLUTIONS—TruShield is more than just tier 1 protection. Here, we offer a comprehensive security platform that takes all of your security needs into consideration. Find out more here.

RISK ASSESSMENTS—Here, we can detect your organization’s risks, determine the corrective action plans that are customized to your business, and then develop your company’s security program tailored to your organization. Click here to learn more.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES—Here, we offer services like Incident Response Management, Security Architecture and Design, Security Awareness Training, Threat Intelligence, and PCI Scanning.

SECURITY AWARENESS—TruShield has built a security awareness tool which allows you to send simulated spear-phishing emails to end-users with training attached.

PCI COMPLIANCE—Here, we ensure your current security architecture is PCI and DSS secure.

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