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Security Awareness – Phishing top attack vector

It’s human nature to be trusting. As humans, we’ve been conditioned to simply open or delete emails. This, however, can get us into trouble very quickly. Most individuals have not been trained to inspect emails prior to clicking. Because of this, TruShield has developed PhiShield as a means of educating users on the ins and outs of inspecting emails. If you’re concerned about your company’s susceptibility to phishing and other security attacks, this is for you.

TruShield’s intention has always been to enable its users to protect themselves from potential attacks. The intent of Phishield, specifically, is to provide users with the skills necessary to stop, think, and inspect emails. This, subsequently, can increase security posture and decrease your susceptibility to phishing.

The element of security that businesses often struggle with is the human element. Statistically, phishing is among the top most common forms of cyber-attacks; it’s also one of the most effective forms of attack. In the modern world, it is no longer a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. Therefore, as an organization, TruShield takes phishing very seriously. This is done using real-world simulated attack scenarios. These attack scenarios are executed by sending simulated phishing emails to your end-users. These fake attacks allow for users to understand what components to look for when identifying phishing scams. These simulated scenarios are key to educating users.

There are many inspections checks one can perform prior to clicking; PhiShield works to get this information out expeditiously. For more information on the benefits and features of PhiShield, click here.

How does TruShield curate the best security solutions for each individual client?

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What is PhiShield?

If you follow security you’ve likely heard the word phishing. Phishing is one of the most effective attack methods that are out there today. It does not rely upon a technical problem, but rather, a behavior problem. Most users are unable to detect when they get a malicious email that’s attempting to either pilfer information… Continue Reading

How does TruShield identify an attack on a business?

We at TruShield are often asked about how TruShield identifies an attack on a business. One of the key aspects of TruShield’s CSM, or Continued Security Monitoring solution, is the fact that it monitors identity and access management at a very granular level. What that means is that TruShield can integrate information from businesses’ active… Continue Reading

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Making the Most of Your SIEM Security From the Beginning

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